Flatirons Academy offers the opportunity for students to take music lessons during the school day with private instructors. It is designed to help ease family schedules so that these extra-curricular activities don't take additional time outside of school hours. This program serves to enhance Flatiron’s music program by developing strong musicians, as well as benefit parents by offering a convenient option for on-location music lessons. We work closely with teachers to schedule lessons at beneficial times, and collect fees through Smart Tuition for convenience.

Students register for the school year, and receive weekly lessons that closely follow the school calendar. Students will also perform in two recitals per year.

"Piano has changed the sound of our house. We love to hear the first few timid notes coming out of the room, indicating that it's time to shut off the music in the house and let the kids be our Pandora. They will play - and play - and the realm of what they've learned over the past several years with through the Private Lesson Program continues to amaze us. We hear everything from classics, to modern, and a bit of holiday for fun - and all of it is played with their own creative touch. We couldn't be more pleased with the addition that that the Private Lesson Program has made to the kids' lives - and to our home!" - Amy, parent of two private lesson students

Available Lessons


Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25 (billed via online billing system with the first payment)

Tuition: $810 for the school year ($90/month Sep-May billed monthly via online billing system)

Please read our Studio Policies and Register your student!