Our community is part of what makes Cornerstone a singularly unique learning environment.  It is made up of diverse minds, students and families who all come together to learn, love, and live for Him.  Together we are a family and this is no better experienced than through our many community based activities.


We believe in the power of prayer and worship.  As a reminder of our focus, each week, we hold chapel service for both our elementary and secondary students.  Parents, teachers and staff are all included!





Chili Cook Off

New families, old families, grandparents, friends, prospective families, teachers, everyone!  The most fun filled event of the year!  Yep, that’s what it’s been called!  Not only is the dessert auction part of the event of or our main fundraising events of the year, it is so much more!  It’s a chance to visit with other families, staff, and make new friends.  The evening includes many satisfying chili’s, kid-friendly hot dogs, cowboy boots & western wear, entertaining live auctioneers, delicious desserts and lots of laughter….it’s an event you won’t want to miss!!


High School Mission Trip

Our mission trips are designed to help equip our students to serve the Lord.  Our annual trip to Costa Rica is also an excellent opportunity to learn and appreciate cultural differences and bonding through friendship, fellowship and Christ.  We prepare our music, dramas and teachings for a variety of outreach activities.





8th Grade DC Trip

Each year, our 8th grade students embark on a journey immersing them in the history of our country and our government!  A variety of sites are visited including: Arlington Cemetery, Memorials & Monuments, The Pentagon, Ford’s Theater, Mt. Vernon, Smithsonian Museums, Bureau of Printing & Engraving, U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, International Spy Museum, The Newseum, Navy Museum,  Old Alexandria, Museum of Crime & Punishment, Holocaust Museum, National Archives, National Geographic Museum and so much more!


Field Day!

First grade through sixth grade will compete against one another in fun, yet competitive games based off of activities the kids have learned throughout the year in PE.  Why?  Our desire for Field Day is that Cornerstone students will give God glory, honor, and thanks by doing their personal best, while having fun competing in athletic events and using the incredible abilities and talents that God has given them!



Valentine's Day Extravaganza

Each year our Sr. class blesses the student body with songs and gifts sent to them from family and friends. This includes live performances including choreographed songs!






Community Outreach

We are always looking ways to connect with and give back to our community.  Outreach to the Sr. Citizens home is just one example how we encourage our students to walk in their faith and be the hands and feet of the Lord.





Other Events

There are so many other great events at Cornerstone!  From the Jr./Sr. annual retreat, 7th Grade Colorado History Trip, Homecoming Week (where each day is a new delight!), Grandparents Day, IdRaHaJe / Outdoor Lab, Operation Christmas Child and more!!  You really need to be here to experience it.