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Faculty Spotlight: Chris Sandifer

Faculty Spotlight: Chris Sandifer

“I’m kind of a Renaissance woman. I like to know a little bit about a lot of things.”  Chris Sandifer

Having a Renaissance woman on staff is a big plus for Cornerstone Christian Academy. In the twelve years since she started teaching at CCA, Chris Sandifer has taught Bible, English, Home-Ec, Algebra, and Biology. Each day brings different courses to teach and groups of kids to educate.

The variety of each day is part of the reason Chris enjoys teaching at CCA. Another benefit of teaching for over half of the school’s history is getting to know an entire family as siblings all make their way through high school. Chris says, “I love long term relationships with kids. There are kids I still have coffee with who graduated years ago.”

One of Chris’s favorite subjects to teach at CCA is Bible. “As a Bible teacher I love that we’re interdenominational. It’s a huge strength. It is the Body of Christ. The Capital C Church. It helps kids know what really is important in theology.”

In her personal time Chris delights in being an aunt. She has lots of family around and they get together often.

Chris also has a super power, it’s trivia. “Everything interests me. The process of things is interesting to me. I don’t get bored.”

Just for fun here’s a list of some of Chris’s current favorite things:
Free Flow (a puzzle app),

Eating arugula with beets,
TV shows that unravel a story over multiple episodes