It’s hard to imagine Cornerstone Christian Academy without Leah Mangel. It’s probably because there’s never been a CCA without her. Leah’s oldest son, Randy, was in the first Kindergarten class. Leah is part of the heart-beat that’s allowed the body of CCA to thrive for over twenty years.

Leah may be best known as the first face of CCA. She’s been the school secretary since 2008. Her role as secretary is just the latest in a long line of positions. She began serving CCA right from the beginning. She set-up the school lunch program, served lunch to students, helped in the classrooms, taught home-ec, advised student council and yearbook. She was also the brain behind some of our favorite CCA events. In the fall you may not see quite as much of Leah. She’ll continue serving the CCA community while taking a more behind-the-scenes role. For Leah, CCA isn’t just a school, it’s a huge part of her life and ministry.

Outside of the Leah we all know at school is an incredible wife and mother. Leah has been married to Randy for 27 years. She has five children, Randy who is 25, Tyler (married to Hannah) is 23, Duncan is 19, Brady is 17 and in his senior year at CCA, and Sydnie is 8 and in second grade.

Leah is passionate about leaving her children a legacy of prosperity in Godliness and relationships. That’s a major part of the reason she and Randy have chosen to educate all of their children at Cornerstone Christian Academy.

Leah’s super powers lie in her people skills and her incredible ability to build relationships with others. She delights in seeing people live to their fullest potential in every area.