Are you on the fence about re-enrolling at Cornerstone Christian Academy? We don't take providing education, spiritual growth, and family values lightly. We understand deciding where to send your children isn't an easy choice. To help you in your decision-making process we've curated a list. Here are 7 reasons to re-enroll at CCA today.


Financial incentives including no registration fees during our re-enrollment period and no tuition increase.

Cornerstone Christian Academy understands the financial sacrifices many families make to be able to provide a Christian Education for their children.  So as our tuition rates increase to cover day to day operating expenses, we are offering opportunities to our current families to maintain current tuition rates for the 2017-2018 school year by re-enrolling before January 31, 2017.

Our passion is to provide a school that strives to see our students prepared to be intelligent and vibrant Christians in a secular world.

According to a Google search survey, only 5.96% of people in Colorado identify as Christians.  At Cornerstone Christian Academy we seek to provide an environment that partners with the Christian family in teaching rigorous academics through the filter of a biblical worldview.  We strive to show our students that in the midst of our non-believing culture they can have a strong faith that is relevant and important in transforming lives.

Space is Limited.

Many of our classes are at or near capacity.  We have a special window of time exclusive to current Cornerstone families to re-enroll and secure their classroom seats before general enrollment opens up on February 1, 2017.  So don’t delay, re-enroll now!

High School academic programs that include, college prep, honors and college credit courses.

We believe in learning as worship, and that students engaging their mind and connecting it to their heart significantly impacts the level of classroom learning and preparation for college and life beyond.  We also recognize that there may be multiple students within each family with different learning styles.  So to best meet the needs of the family, we offer two academic programs in our high school. Both programs challenge our students and prepare them for collegiate success, with the main difference being that our honors program focuses on providing an added level of rigor to courses in science, history, biblical studies, and English.

Our Bulldog Athletics Program presents an opportunity for every student to compete in multiple sports, in a high-quality program, run by experienced collegiate and professional athletes.

As a member of CHSAA, the Cornerstone Athletics program begins in 6th grade and allows our students the unique opportunity to compete in multiple sports.  We help students to identify and increase their athletic skills while stressing the importance of excellence in character, academic achievement, and the value of competition in mirroring life challenges.

We set Jesus Christ as our standard, not our culture, and yet help our students see God’s grace in meeting each of us in our inevitable failure, which ultimately allows Christ His place in connecting us to God.

We are not interested in presenting a packaged version of Christianity or adding a few Bible verses to our curriculum.  We are working to provide an environment where it is safe to ask questions and to doubt as we seek to understand the truth of who God is and how He is relevant in our lives, ultimately developing authentic, intentional, relational believers.

The addition of the gymnasium and turf field in 2017.

Last spring we were granted approval from the City of Westminster to add a gymnasium and turf practice field to the 9 acres that we have here on site at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  We look forward to breaking ground in Spring of 2017.

So there you have it, 7 reasons to re-enroll at CCA today. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out here, or by calling our office today at 303.451.1421.