When Cornerstone Christian Academy was founded in 1996 the families involved in organizing the school sought to form a school that was truly a partnership between families and educators.  In God’s plan parents have the primary responsibility for training their children. Cornerstone feels that school is merely an extension of this God-given parental authority.  Parents should prayerfully delegate their authority to the school and school staff.



 Cornerstone in turn, must respect and exercise with care the parental authority so given.  In Christian schools there can be unity in the training of children when both parents and staff submit to the spiritual authority of Jesus Christ.  This unity which arises out of our mutual submission to Christ is another hallmark of CCA.  



Our teaching is Bible-based and designed to direct students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the source of life, wisdom, and eternal Salvation.  The primary goal of CCA is to equip students with the academic and spiritual skills necessary to be successful and to use those skills in service and obedience to God.  It is our purpose as a school to work with parents in helping students achieve their highest spiritual, academic, social and service potential.  


Spiritually, we challenge students to find God’s plan for their lives.  Academically, we challenge students to work “as unto the Lord” and to do their best in their studies as an act of worship.  Socially, we challenge students in their relationships to encourage one another to draw closer to the Lord.  In Service we challenge our students to sacrifice their time and talents for the good of others.  Working in doing all of this in an environment that reflects and encourages God’s love is what CCA is all about.

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