Kathy Beach didn’t expect a decision to do what was best for her children would make an impact on children in future generations, but it did. Looking back it’s no surprise. When you pair a worker bee spirit with obedience to God something amazing was bound to happen. That something turned out to be Cornerstone Christian Academy.


In 1996 Kathy was a mom looking for a school for her kids. Megan was going into Kindergarten and David was a preschooler. She was looking to steep her kids in God’s Word and give them an excellent academic education. So when a local church started a school the decision to enroll her kids was easy. What wasn’t easy was what to do when the church decided it would no longer support the school. Kathy and a group of tenacious parents and teachers decided they wanted to continue the school without the church. This decision made all the difference. It didn’t make sense on paper, but that hasn’t ever stopped God. They didn’t have a building of their own, but they built community.  It was truly the body of Christ coming together, each bringing what they had and giving it for what was needed. Being a part of CCA didn’t just affect her children; the blessings were poured out on her whole family. What Jesus was doing here shaped the direction of her family and placed people in their lives who would become their dearest friends.


A few years after her kids started at Cornerstone Christian Academy, Kathy became a teacher here. For the next 13 years she poured her love of Jesus and education into first and second graders. Kathy’s husband, Dee Jay, also served as President of the CCA Board of Directors for ten years. During those years Kathy made a profound impact on children's lives. One parent commented, “I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence when I walked into her classroom.” In partnership with Jesus, Kathy created a place to learn, to build character, and to fail forward.

After David graduated from CCA in 2011 Kathy desired to pursue passions outside of school. She retired in 2013. But that’s not the end of Kathy’s story here. This year Kathy rejoined the staff as the Elementary Curriculum & Assessment Advisor and Teacher Supporter. Kathy returned because the chance to walk alongside teachers was so appealing. All these years later she’s returned to a thriving school; due in no small part to the years she poured into it; and for that we are so thankful.