High School is the final frontier of childhood and the most critical time of students’ academic careers. At Cornerstone Christian Academy we know our students have big plans and want to walk in all God has for them. That’s why we equip and help students plan their next steps.  

Our MA level school counselor, Teresa Doughty,  meets individually with each secondary student and their family yearly to map out a plan for success in high school and beyond.  Courses and transcripts are reviewed each year to ensure all graduation and college requirements are being met. She conducts interest and personality inventories to assist students identify their unique giftings and abilities in order to assist them in choosing a major and college that will be a great fit.  

Our counselor is also passionate about helping students find a career which fits their God given abilities and passions.  Students are encouraged to not only research careers, but to gain invaluable experience and shadow professionals each year in a career in which they are interested. Mrs. Doughty helps students who are interested to find someone to shadow during the school year because we know coursework is not always reflective of what we actually do on a daily basis. Our goal is for each student to have tried numerous types of careers and have a clear picture of how God has gifted them to serve.  


According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 80% of college students change their major at least once and on average change their major at least three times over the course of their college careers.  Complete College America released a study showing only 36% of those pursuing a bachelor’s degree finish in four years, increasing their stay, lost wages, and spending. Our desire is to help our students avoid unnecessary use of time and resources and do the work God has designed them to do.

Our counselor also recommends scholarships, writes individualized recommendations, assists in the application process and keeps students on a timely schedule to complete all of the steps necessary for college entrance including ACT/SAT registration, college application, FAFSA, Scholarship, NCAA requirements, etc.  Our English teachers also review and help guide students in writing strong college essays.


Students are also able to attend college visit field trips during the school year to learn more about local colleges and what they offer.  Our school counselor also coordinates all of our dual credit courses and ensures students who qualify are able to receive college credits up to 28 College credits (1 full year of college credit).  

CCA helps prepare students for taking the SAT and ACT in offering a full length practice tests on site each year.  Mrs. Doughty also submits requests for testing accommodations for those who qualify to ensure students knowledge is accurately reflected in test results.  

Our small atmosphere really lends itself to knowing each student well and to encouraging students in their God given abilities. No student should leave Cornerstone wondering what’s next, but rather graduate with confidence in their next steps.