It’s all in the family: education, baseball, and a passion to see kids succeed.  All three of these things are just pieces of what make Karen Cox such an incredible part of the CCA Faculty.  

A University of Oklahoma softball playing alum with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Karen began teaching in 1990. She joined the CCA faculty in 2016 through the encouragement of her sister-in-law, Linnea Spicer, our high school Spanish teacher.  

Karen and her husband, Darron, have a long history and passion for baseball.  She herself played softball through college for OU and then they spent their early years of marriage and raising a family in the world of professional baseball.  Their 3 sons and daughter are also players. Darron is the owner and coach of Thunder Baseball. Karen says there are many similarities between sports and the classroom,  “Darron and I are both passionate about helping kids succeed.”


As a teacher, Karen identified early on that her sweet spot in teaching was with little ones.  She loves the preschool and kindergarten ages and even spent a year at CCA teaching 1st grade. For her, the youngest students are pure and innocent. Everything is transparent and real.  Watching her interact with her students it’s easy to see her joy and how she hurts when they hurt, loves what they love, and walks alongside them to nurture and encourage at every turn.

Though she came to CCA as a teacher it wasn’t long before both of her youngest kids still at home also became CCA students.  Working at CCA was also what she was seeking for her own family… “a safe place, where kids can be fully known and fully loved despite imperfections, flaws and mistakes.”  She feels like CCA has been a really good thing, and she just wants to tell everyone “Come and See! I want to share it with you!”