At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we feel giving to others in service is an integral part of education, faith, and learning to love and follow Christ.  We are intentional about offering opportunities for students in all grades to engage and serve our surrounding, local community.  


Tarnie Coleman, our Outreach Coordinator, has connected us to over 10 local charities that have allowed our students to serve through everything from physical service, collecting donations, and prayer.  Beginning in preschool our students make drawings for Meals on Wheels or Birthday Smiles, then as they grow up through our program they have opportunities to travel to Broomfield Skills Nursing Home to visit with the residents, or help sort food for Broomfield’s FISH.  Each year students at CCA also collect several hundred boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Our high school students then travel to the OCC processing center to help ready those boxes for international shipment.  

Once our students enter High School, they have opportunities to travel on week long mission trips.  In addition to our international trips, CCA is very excited to be offering our first week long domestic mission trip this year to Greeley, CO. There are many ways to serve the Lord in Colorado and we have chosen to partner with In Motion Missions (IMM) who has established relationships with a variety of ministries in the Greeley area.  We will be extending a helping hand to those in need through feeding programs and work projects with local programs assisting the homeless, those struggling with addiction, and/or broken families. Many refugees from Somalia, Iraq, Burma, and Bhutan have come to Colorado seeking asylum, and this provides a vast ministry opportunity. Our students will have the opportunity to share the gospel in one-on-one settings, go on prayer walks, and give encouragement to struggling churches through ministry, maintenance, light construction, and local outreach.   

Throughout the entire CCA program, preschool through high school graduation, our faculty and staff work to bring our students attention to the needs of others around them- people that need to hear the gospel; people who are experiencing hardship; and those who have physical, emotional or spiritual needs.  Through small donations and the gift of time in our local community, we feel we can help our students learn to recognize the needs around them and develop a conviction to serve.  We believe each of our students have a special role to play within the Body of Christ, and that we are here to help them be equipped and confident in the role God’s calling them.