The volleyball program at Cornerstone has astounded me each year I have been a part of it. My Freshman year I was a new student at CCA, and volleyball was one of the biggest things to which I looked forward. Between the friends that I would make and the new skills that I was developing, I knew it would be an amazing start to my high school experience. This was very true going through that first season, it was amazing for many different reasons. We started as a very young team, all freshmen and sophomores, not a single upperclassmen was on the team, which made for a lot of growing pains.  We didn’t win as many games as we would have liked, but we knew that we could only grow and develop for the years to come.

Jordyn Junior year (2).jpg

While that year and the next were challenging when it came to stats and how many games we won, we were taught patience and determination. Our team has grown in numbers and experience over the past four years. We are a tight-knit team and becoming part of that team was one of the biggest blessings to happen while attending CCA. We have the opportunity to develop necessary volleyball techniques and fundamentals skills, from good coaches in an encouraging environment. Being part of our CCA team has allowed players to gain a lot of experience and playing time. This allowed me to fall in love with playing the game. I know many other players felt this way and I hope future Cornerstone players will too. CCA’s volleyball program is why I joined a club team and am working towards an opportunity to play college volleyball. It allowed me to dive in and learn new skills that are now allowing me to talk to college coaches. If I hadn’t joined CCA’s volleyball program I wouldn’t have all of the doors open for my future