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This season my cleats will hit the grass one last time as I walk off the field as a senior.  I expect this to be one of the most emotional moments of my high school career because of what playing football at CCA has meant to me.  Playing football is like nothing else in this world, and the offseason feels like it drags on for years, as I watch video, talk about plays with fellow teammates, and work out while waiting for the season to start. When practice starts in August it ushers in a few short months of paradise for me as a player.   

Cornerstone Football has been one of my favorite parts of high school. I started playing for CCA in 6th grade. All through middle school I focused on learning the game, how to tackle, positions and plays, all the while looking forward to being a part of our high school team. The summer before freshman year, I got to enter the weight room for the first time as a part of summer workouts.  My coaches and teammates taught me about endurance, toughness and hard work.  Each year I grew stronger, more capable and more passionate about this sport I love to play.  Last year as a Junior, I had the satisfaction of being able to start every game on both sides of the ball, help our team achieve victory on the field, and win MVP.  

Even as I write I can feel the adrenaline rush that comes from the anticipation of a game. I can feel the atmosphere of the CCA fans, and the school spirit as we take the field. I look forward to each and every first play, when all is quiet and I await the kickoff in the endzone. This is easily my favorite part of the game- waiting to receive the opening kickoff and full of hope that I’ll be able to run it all the way back, helping the Bulldogs secure a win!  

Cornerstone Football has taught me so many things.  It has helped me work toward goals with determination, wait patiently, and learn to trust and work with my teammates and coaches.  I expect I will cry at times during my last season and at the end of my last football game. The tears will be from the enormity of the opportunities for growth I’ve had through this experience, the bond with my team, and the incredible thankfulness I have for being able to lace on my cleats and wear #4 as a CCA Bulldog.