Did you know Cornerstone Christian Academy has three goals for each student? These goals are to: 1) Encourage a genuine faith, 2) Educate through Academics, Athletics & Arts, and to 3) Equip for Service. This is the first in a series of posts we’ll do highlighting each goal. The most important of our goals is to encourage a genuine faith.

We do have a Bible curriculum in all of our grades as well as a weekly chapel service, and yet one of the things most loved about Cornerstone Christian Academy is the freedom teachers and students have to weave faith through every aspect of the classroom and their lives. It is our goal to help students understand how God is involved in every subject that they study, every friendship that they share, every trial that they face, and each detail of their life.  We want each student to understand their significant place as God’s most prized possession in all of creation.

Through all grades in our Bible curriculum, we seek to transition students from religion to relationship, to provide a basis for students to own their faith and understand what it means to hold a Christian worldview. We emphasize the significance of God wanting to have a relationship with them right now- not just someday in the future.  

We work to provide opportunities every day for our students to know more about who God is, and also helping them learn to see and recognize evidence of where God is at work.  We want to provide an environment where it’s safe for students to ask questions as they seek to understand who God is in their life. We set Jesus Christ as our standard, not our culture, and yet help our students see God’s grace in meeting each of us in our inevitable failure… which ultimately allows Christ His place in connecting us to God.

It’s exciting to be a part of a school that allows our children to learn from an early age that faith is not to be compartmentalized or to keep them from the rest of the world, but rather how to develop their faith in a way that encourages and inspires others to follow Christ!