Guest Post by Senior, Morgan Durrill

My name is Morgan Durrill and I’m a junior at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  I’ve been attending CCA since the 5th grade, so that’s 7 years! CCA has helped me become a well-rounded person and encouraged me to strengthen my character in my relationships with Christ, family, friends, teachers, teammates, and even the students in the younger elementary grades. Attending school at CCA has provided so much in terms of the quality of my learning experience and the opportunities I’ve been given in a community that wants the best for me.

I have taken many classes and have had many teachers, but the one class that has been the most rewarding for me is Spanish. I am currently finishing up my third year of Spanish classes with Mrs. Spicer and have experienced enormous growth in my knowledge and application of the Spanish language. Recently, I went on the school mission trip to Costa Rica for the second time and was quickly surprised with my ability to understand and communicate with the Costa Ricans in their language! I had grown so much in my second year of Spanish that my confidence skyrocketed. I spent the whole week soaking it in and using Spanish at every opportunity. Here I was, in a Spanish-speaking country, fully expecting to minister to children the best I could by loving on them, playing with them, and sharing God’s love through a translator. I didn’t fully get what I expected. Instead, I went to a Spanish-speaking country and found a new confidence that I didn’t know was in me. I found I was able to serve the little kids by loving on them, playing with them, and sharing God’s love directly to them in their language, following Matthew 28:19 in the most rewarding way.

Studying Spanish at CCA has given me the ability to do more than I ever thought possible. I’ve developed relationships with twice the amount of people I ever could have if I had only known one language, and I’ve been able to see things from a different perspective. I have been able to use my Spanish to communicate with people around the world, with my dad’s employees, and with coworkers and customers at my job. I also speak it with my friends who are learning Spanish alongside me and who love using it as much as I do.

Mrs. Spicer is just one example of the CCA teachers who are dedicated to providing the best educational opportunity for us, sharing knowledge and personal experiences, answering any questions about our studies, our relationships and about life in general. Developing us into well rounded people, preparing us as we quickly approach adulthood, pointing us in Christ’s direction, and learning to communicate and interact with the real world are all outcomes of interacting with the faculty and staff at CCA. It is one thing to teach a student something, but it is another thing to teach a student to learn to love what they’re being taught.