As Cornerstone Christian Academy celebrated it’s 20th anniversary this year, one of our own began as a student and has ended up a teacher.  Troy Boyer’s family was one of the first families to join CCA when he started attending in 6th grade in 1996.  In many ways CCA was an answer to prayer for his family, integrating faith and community in the academic environment.  At the end of Troy’s 8th grade year, his class petitioned to have CCA continue into high school, however there wasn’t the ability to run a 9-12th grade program at that time.  Through a series of events, and after spending 9th grade at other area high schools, Troy’s class returned for their sophomore year became the first graduating class of Cornerstone in 2003.  

Being a part of the first senior class, gave Troy and the class of 2003 many unique leadership opportunities.  As seniors in a fledgling school they were able to have ownership and independence that was uncommon.  They developed relationships with the younger students through the buddy program, as well as served in local missions, and a Mexico mission trip.  These 3 years of independence and leadership opportunities, as well as Troy spending the summer after graduation in England running soccer camps and sharing the gospel, made his faith become personal, and a desire to follow God with his whole heart was ignited.

After graduation and his summer in England, Troy went off to Sterling College in Kansas on a soccer scholarship.  His goal was to be able to start every game in his Left Wing position, and as a freshman his dream was accomplished!  Later he came back to Colorado and enrolled at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  His declared degree was in psychology, with the intention of perhaps being a high school counselor and maybe a coach.  Then during college, Larry Zimbelman reached out to Troy looking for a substitute P.E. teacher for CCA.  Though initially hesitant, Troy agreed and subbed a few times for CCA P.E.  It quickly became evident that this was his gift, and he began teaching at CCA 2 days a week, and going to class 3 days a week, now working towards his degree in Physical Education.  Around the same time Troy also started teaching and co-leading the youth at his church.  God used all of these opportunities to grow and guide Troy and help him realize how his passion for teaching kids and playing sports could be integrated together.

Troy graduated from Metro in 2010, and shortly afterward married his wife Megan.  Troy and Megan have 2 little girls, Katie and Ella.  Troy acknowledges God and the way He has directed his path and CCA.  God has organically grown this school and the people who are a part of it every year.  And during this journey a shy teenage boy was able to grow and understand his passion and purpose at CCA and that there is not a better platform to use his passion for sports alongside mentoring and discipling kids for Jesus.