Meet the woman whose lifetime career has always been more ministry than profession. The woman who joyfully exudes Christ’s love in teaching phonics or first-time obedience. Margie Luce is one of Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Kindergarten teachers and this year marks her 41st year in teaching.

As a young woman Margie had entertained the idea of teaching, yet pursued her dream of being a flight attendant for TWA.  As she interviewed for this glamorous job it was the first time that she felt the Lord speak clearly to her heart when He said, “This is not for you.” Margie was raised by her adoptive dad, Marty Hasz, who was a teacher and founder of the Jesus Center School.  It was natural for her to follow those footsteps into education.  Margie taught at both the Jesus Center School and then Faith Christian Academy before she became one of the founding faculty members of Cornerstone Christian Academy in 1996.

Margie joined CCA because she was drawn to smaller class sizes and being able to focus more on each individual child.  Her philosophy for kindergarten is to balance academics with learning good social skills.  As kindergarten programs around the country are pressured to become more and more academic, Margie continues to exceed the academic standards while being purposeful in developing the whole child: integrating games, crafts, social interactions and songs throughout her students’ day.  When asked about her favorite part of her teaching day she smiled as she said the Bible time interactions and how uninhibited the children are during their prayer time. 

After four decades in Christian education Margie has seen many changes in curriculum, philosophy and culture, yet her classroom objectives remain unchanged.  Her passion is to lead children in the path of Jesus and to help encourage parents to integrate biblical principles at home.  Her classroom isn’t rushed or frazzled, instead every song, every worksheet and every hug is intentional in opening her students’ hearts to know the love of their Savior Jesus.