Best Job Ever. That’s how Cornerstone Christian Academy music teacher, Cathleen Kellerman, describes her job. For six years she’s found some solid evidence to back it up.

First, she has infinite creative possibilities. It starts with a wide range of students. Mrs. Kellerman teachers music to preschool through 12th grade. Then she mixes in a variety of instruments. She’s been known to incorporate ukulele, recorders and percussion of all types into songs. Additionally, Cathleen created and conducts the pep band. She’s fashioned a band that plays energetic, fun music making game days feel even more special.


Cathleen also enjoys an atmosphere of growth at Cornerstone. Here she’s found an administration supportive of new ideas. Over the years those ideas have included the addition of an elementary band and pep band. Cathleen was integral in the creation of Arts Night, an evening showcasing student music, drama and art held each spring.

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At Cornerstone Christian Academy Cathleen has also found a place to make an investment as a family. Mrs. Kellerman has two children at at CCA,  Ariana in 7th grade and Evan in 4th grade. While Cathleen is pouring into her music students, other teachers and staff are building into the lives of her children.

Music is more than just a subject to teach, Mrs. Kellerman has built the music program on a foundation of worship. She’s fully aware of the special benefits of teaching music at a Christian school. Cathleen helps students notice God and demonstrates how having a relationship with Jesus Christ positions us to live joyfully and completely.

Mrs. Kellerman see performances as a chance to say something important, something that matters. For example, the elementary Christmas performance focused on three gifts: The gift of the present, the gift of the process and the gift of people. Cathleen doesn’t want her students to perform out of a place that’s self focused, but to perform out of a gifting. She believes when students perform out of their giftings they can forget themselves and give the gift as an offering to God.

The last reason Cathleen Kellerman sees teaching music at CCA as the best job ever is she gets to laugh everyday.