What makes teaching at CCA unique for Nancy Moodie?  Discipleship.  It is not just teaching the Bible but allowing our students to see God’s story played out in the lives of their teachers and the people around them.  Anyone can learn the stories in the Bible, but having teachers be able to share their own personal experiences of God’s faithfulness with their students makes faith relevant and understandable in a tangible way.


 When asked by her adult daughter if she would ever teach in public school she related that she felt like half her toolbox would be gone, and that it would be like teaching with one arm behind her back.  Psalm 111 was brought to her mind, “For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  Nancy’s conviction about the unique environment and opportunity that exists in Christian school was solidified, for any place that there isn’t fear of the Lord there can be no wisdom.  

As a wife and mom to three, Nancy had gained experience in the school system when her children were young, often working as a teacher’s aide.  She was able to observe the teachers around her, what they did well and what could improve, and felt challenged to take it up a notch.  Our 1st grade teacher got her Early Childhood Bachelor’s degree from CCU along with her teaching certificate, and then did her student teaching here at CCA under Cindy Taylor in 2010.  Since then she has taught 3rd grade at CCA for 2 years, then moved to 1st grade, where she has taught for 4 years, with a Sabbatical year in ‘15-’16 for travel and ministry.  

Nancy and her husband Mike also have another passion: ministry in Israel, focusing on Jewish Christian relations.  They have been a part of Bridges for Peace for the past 15 years and have taken multiple trips to the Holy Land, serving in the community there and working with the US Office of Ministry to support aide organizations in the area.  As she considers the opportunities that God has placed before her with her family, in ministry in Israel and in teaching she says, “Who am I?  I’m just a housewife who got her college degree at 53.”  Nancy is an inspiration to never stop learning, to be courageous in following God into new things, and to boldly share His Story in our lives with the people that He puts in our path.