Winter in the Denver area is filled with snow and excitement. The community comes out in full force when fresh snow is falling. Sledding is one of the most popular activities in this part of the world. At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we are passionate about family values and our community. The hills located in Northern Denver can provide the whole family a sledding experience like no other. Below are some of the best sledding hills in this part of Colorado.


Ruby Hill Park in Denver

Ruby Hill Park is a great destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Large crowds are common at this popular hill, but you should have plenty of room to sled and be merry. Be sure to bring along a hearty lunch to eat at the pavilion and take in the panoramic views of Denver.


Broomfield County Commons Park in Broomfield

The Broomfield County Commons Park features a great hill to take your family and your sled. Near the vending area of the park is where the hill starts. The hill leads down to the football and soccer fields. The hill is not very long but has a great slope for maximum sledding speed. The smooth transition at the bottom of the hill allows you to just run out rather than crash. Broomfield County Commons Park has ample parking so you don’t have to worry about walking too far with frozen feet, either!


City Recreation Park in Westminster

Stunning mountain views and great sledding hills await you at City Recreation Park in Westminster. The sledding hill at this park is at an elevation of 5,360 feet. Feel the cold wind in your hair and a rush of adrenaline as you sled down with your friends and family.


Wanaka Lake Park in Lafayette

The Wanaka Lake Park in Lafayette offers some of the premier sledding hills in the area. The dam on the northeast side of the lake is ideal for sledding. This hill leads down to a lower trail and is safe enough for children to use. Wanaka Lake Park provides the perfect backdrop for a snow day filled with sledding and adventure.


Scott Carpenter Park in Boulder

The Scott Carpenter Park is a great sledding destination for families with smaller children. The hills are not too long or too steep and are ideal for younger sled riders. This park has a number of picnic spots and playgrounds perfect for a family in search of a little winter fun.

Grab a sled and hit any of these hills in Northern Denver for a great time in our winter wonderland.