Today's Faculty Spotlight, Linnea Spicer, says she ended up at Cornerstone Christian Academy by accident.  After years teaching Spanish in the public schools and then being a stay-at-home mom, she was at a place in life where she just wanted to be useful.  Through friends at church, she was asked to come to CCA mid-year in a temporary position.  It has been 6 years since she made that mid semester commitment, and yet she keeps coming back.


Why?  What makes Cornerstone Christian Academy the place to be useful?  How is she able to make an impact?  In Linnea’s words, “it has been a confluence of all of the things in her life that she has loved and been passionate about coming together.”  Linnea has been able to use her gifts in teaching, her fluency in Spanish, her leadership experience, her love for missions, and her passion for transparency and depth in the body of Christ.


Linnea is Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Spanish teacher, Student Council Advisor and Lead for the high school Costa Rica mission trip. Linnea’s teaching experience comes from years in both the Douglas County and Boulder Valley school districts.  In leading our high school student council, she feels that she has been prepared for this role of shaping student leaders through years of MOPS, PTO, and serving on her church’s leadership team.  Linnea has also become a regular chaperone and organizer of our yearly mission trip to Costa Rica which she laughs as she comments how this allows her to use her love of missions, travel, spanish, organizational skills and vision casting with our students.


Growing up in the rural farming community of Fowler, Colorado, Linnea was the first in her family to pursue a four-year college degree.  As valedictorian of her graduating class of 36 students, she went on to attend University of Northern Colorado, and as she says fell into a Spanish degree, since she didn’t like the business classes in her major.  She and her husband Chuck, whom she met at UNC have now been married for 28 years and their kids are Bailey (24), Paige (22), Cameron (20) and Jack (18).   


Linnea grew up in a Christian home and yet has always found Christian culture to be a little uncomfortable, herself feeling like an outsider.  In her experience Christian culture has often been a stumbling block to people being able to get real and identify with Christ’s actual suffering.  One of the things that has drawn her to CCA has been the affirming, humble and sacrificial leadership of the staff she is serving alongside.  She also sees that as a school promoting faith, CCA is not calling our students to a religion or a culture, but rather into a relationship with the person of Christ.  


In Linnea’s experience Cornerstone Christian Academy is a place that pursues kids hard.  As one initially wary of Christian schools she feels that CCA is unique.  As a teacher she has opportunities for relationships, the chance to challenge kids to check their assumptions about faith and guide them to be vulnerable about their sin and their doubt. Being at CCA strengthens her own relationship with God as she is able to see kids have a genuine experience of faith and can relate to their struggles.  Linnea feels she is approachable to kids, which is confirmed by the fact that you can often find students seeking her out in passing periods and before and after school for conversations.   Linnea is also a truth teller.  She doesn’t beat around the bush, doesn’t shy away from conflict, but approaches situations head on with incredible kindness and love.  Get to know Linnea, she is a true treasure to the CCA community!